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By Youtube User
Zelda Skyward Sword - Dolphin + Emulated Motion Plus

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword - Dolphin x64 v3.0 354 + JPeterson's build 11-38.

Core2Quad 2.66Ghz
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

FRAPS 3.4.0 - 22-30/20-25
Without - 26-30 / 22-28

below, you find all the links to information:
Official game Topic:

New JPeterson's build Topic:

**Download Link**New JPeterson's builds:

**Download Link**Dolphin (search for best build for you):

**Download Link**Profile Xbox360 Controller.
or this (but this isn't made by me)
http://hhide.me/IiX (by Lightleggy)

**Download Link**Profile Mouse+Keyboard.
*For any "bugs", try to replace controls like: http://hhide.me/Io6

**Optional Download Link**JPeterson's Profiles for Zelda Skyward Sword and more games for Keyboard and X360:
PS: Zelda SS X360.ini and Zelda SS KbM.ini for this game. KbM for Keyboard and Mouse and X360...for gamepad.

**Download Link**Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable SP1:
x32: http://hhide.me/IiT

x64: http://hhide.me/IiU

For those who have difficulty drawing the circle, use the X360 Profile, press "RB" and "RT" and draw something like this: http://hhide.me/KES

For: "oh, Raul, help. My game is soo slow. My specs are 'xxx'Dual core processador 1.0-2.0 Ghz and integrated video card." There is the solution: http://tinyurl.com/keuax9d It's Hard. Good luck.
For another slowdowns with high specs, contact me. I will try to help.

For anyone with JPeterson's latest build not working on Dolphin emus, try download this: http://hhide.me/IIh
Download again the JPeterson's build and replace the files on this Dolphin 2.0.

*UPDATE 06/05/2013: I talked to JPeterson. I got the new topic and new builds. All builds are hosted on Dropbox! All Links UPDATED! Enjoy!

*UPDATE 24/06/2013: I fixed the broken links

*UPDATE 15/08/2013: Some reports for JPeterson's latest build don't working. Try to use the same build on Description. New Dolphin (old one, but working) build link added.
Thanks Chilled1226 for the tip and link.
New profile links. Those are made by JPeterson. Another games can be found on it.

*UPDATE 20/02/2014: Added at end of description the solution for error 0xc000007b!

*The file name of JPeterson's build to download on DROPBOX files is:
input_64_2013-06-23_15-00-55.039077900_+­0200.zip for x64 Dolphin (Windows 64bit)
input_32_2013-06-23_15-01-02.775520400_+­0200.zip for x32 Dolphin (Windows 32Bit)

HOW to use:
- Download Dolphin(the best for you) and JPterson's build(the latest one on Drop Box).
- Extract your Dolphin emulator
- Open your Dolphin emulator folder.
- Extract the JPeterson's build files on the folder
- Replace all the files
- Extract your downloaded controller Profile on " Dolphin folder"\User\Config\Profiles\Wiimote . (Create if not already exists)
- Open emulator\Wiimote\Emulated Wiimote\ Configure\ Profile - Select the downloaded
- Check the "motion plus" option and verify if the "Nunchuck" on extension is selected.
- Configure the graphics like on Official Topic of game.
- Start the game
- Have fun o/

*For msvcr110:dll/vc_­custom.dll erro install the Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable SP1. Up here on description.
*For error 0xc000007b: Try to Upgrade your Windows to SP1 and reinstall/install the Visual C++ above.

Update: New Tutorial video http://hhide.me/IiW